Friday, October 30, 2015

Falling into Autumn

Well summer has turned into Fall, although it did take it's time. Here it is Halloween and the jackets have barely come out of the closet. Gotta love these long Indian summers!
As usual we have been making our pilgrimage to Bethesda for Doyle's treatment, but we are now done with only one more visit for tests, scans and assessment. It has been an interesting and stressful nine months!
The Lord is kind and we have had so many blessings along the way. One , or should I say two of those blessings have come in making and renewing a friendship with Russ and Debra Munk. These two angels have opened their home to us on each visit and we are so grateful to them for cheering us on and keeping us warm and fed!

Russ and Debra Munk

On our return trip from DC this last time we flew into Salt Lake where we had left our car after the extended Brown family reunion in Logan. We celebrated Micah's birthday and spent a few days with their adorable children. When Micah worked for Bluehost he did a video on the Harkness hotel in the tiny town on McCammon, Idaho. We decided to take a short detour to check out this boutique hotel. It was lovely. The family had taken this old old building and made it into a lovely and unique hotel.
Doyle outside of the Harkness Hotel
Our lovely room.
Reception area 

We arrived home and in a few short weeks found ourselves back on an airplane to NYC. Our Dan had decided to marry lovely Sandra Leung. We are delighted! 
Hanging around outside of City Hall waiting for the guests to all arrive...he does look a little excited. WE know it is love because he even shaved for the occasion!
Yes, some of us entertained ourselves by taking selfies!
Autumn and her sweetie Joel Wilson. She finished her consulting job in Laos just in time to fly to NYC to see the wonder of the century....Dan's wedding! Never say never, Dan!
Yes it was a little windy out, but Aden was a trooper!
He lasted as long as he could!

 Little Amaia was bundling in Ailene's swaddling  wrap most of the time, 
but she is growing fast and is such a doll
               What on earth is grandma thinking....hauling me around like a sack of potatoes!
 So they tied the knot! We are so happy to have Sandra in our family!!
All of Dan's siblings made it to the wedding and even the sun decided to 
show his face!  It was a great weekend!!